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Time and again people tell me that they love my images of boxing and martial arts. And it is true that I love these sports.

Producing pin sharp images such as the one featured left requires a special eye for combat sports, you need to know what is coming next, and you need exceptionally fast cameras and lenses, otherwise you’ll never be able to do justice to the event.

All of the most respectable promoters operate a total ban on ringside flash photography and this is where having the kit and understanding your kit makes all the difference.

All too often at lower quality events, lesser caring promoters permit amateur photographers to attend using flash guns, the results are usually a poor quality image and potentially dangerous to the fighters.

I for one would support an all out ban on the use of flash photography at any combat sport event.

If you are a fight promoter looking to demonstrate that you care about the fighters on your show, I’ll be delighted to advise on the best approach for vetting photographers, ensuring that you provide every level of safety to your fighters.

I’ll also be delighted to consider attending your show to provide commissioned PR photography, photographer management and I’ll also be delighted to discuss with you the potential for revenue streams - by providing your own official photographer for your shows.

Others sports coverage includes all fields sports, equestrian or indoor sports, skiing and motor racing.

Thank you.
Dave Roberts